Have a question?

Check the list below first to see if you find the answer. If not, please contact us at hello@dataracing.hu.

1. Who can enter the competition?

Submissions for Dataracing can only be submitted by persons who have already reached the age of eighteen on October 1, 2023. Competitors can be Hungarian citizens or any private individual who has a Hungarian tax number, TAJ number and registered address in Hungary.

2. I would like to take part, what should I do?

  1. Register on the Dataracing 2023 platform, read, and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Download the training dataset.
  3. Have some ideas and work on a solution to predict the target variable.
  4. Format your solution according to the sample solution.
  5. Submit your solution.
  6. Improve your solution, upload updated versions and take the prize!

3. How can I submit a solution?

After registering on the Dataracing 2023 platform you can upload a solution file (.csv) by clicking on the Submission in the menu. Please use the sample solution file to check the formal requirements of your solution file. The language settings of your computer can determine the decimal point to be a comma, you need to make sure it is a point. The submitted .csv file separation characters must be commas and not semi-colons.

After submitting your solution, you can view your result on the public testing dataset in the list of your solutions. Your best solution also appears on the public Leader board.

4. What is wrong with my solution?

If file may not meet the requirements please make sure your file format matches the sample file.

  • Less or more rows (The expected number of rows is 1,117,675, with the top row containing column names)
  • More columns
  • Comma instead of decimal point
  • Wrong order of company identifiers
  • Unknown identifiers
  • multiple occurrences of identifiers

They can all cause an error message. In case you received an error message even if you uploaded the sample file please contact us at hello@dataracing.hu.

5. Can we start in a team?

No, you can only compete individually to complete the solution.

6. What technologies can I use to prepare my solution?

You can use any publicly available technology that provides a solution that can be reproduced. To be awarded you need to be able to reproduce your solution and to share the source codes and files with the organisers. Your solutions can be prepared by using any language (e.g., Python, R) and any public libraries. You can also use publicly and commercially available data analytics software applications. In case you have doubts about the technology you are using please contact us at hello@dataracing.hu.

7. What does it mean that my solution should be reproducible?

To be awarded you need to be able to reproduce your solution and to share the source codes and files with the organisers. A reproducible solution can be rerun and produces the exact same results on the private and public Leader board as before. Therefore we ask you to always fix the random parameters you have used. An example of random parameters can be the random_state parameter of the python sklearn package machine learning model.

8. What other rules apply to the competition?

You can read the detailed competition rules on the following page. By entering the competition you agree to these rules.